Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun   blog new version of luminar inspired by dji

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Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun   blog new version of luminar inspired by dji Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun   blog new version of luminar inspired by dji

New Luminar. Inspired by DJI.

Today we’re announcing a free update for our flagship editing software, Luminar, complete with new features inspired by DJI drone photographers. Over the last few weeks we worked hard with some of the best aerial photographers in the world and also with Romeo Durscher - Director of Education at DJI.

It turns out that Luminar is a fantastic solution for enhancing and editing aerial photos, and with several new capabilities it’s even better at bringing out the beauty of images taken from above the ground.


If you purchased a previous version of Luminar directly from Macphun, simply launch the app and it should automatically ask if you want to update. If not, just choose the Luminar menu and then select the Check for Updates… sub-menu.


New "Aerial Workspace". Specifically created for aerial/drone images, you will find a new workspace choice called Aerial that populates the Filters panel with the most commonly used filters for this type of photography. For instance, the Accent AI (Artificial Intelligence) filter does magic with balancing tones, contrast, colors and so much more, all with a single swipe.

Other filters such as Polarizing, Top & Bottom Lighting, Golden Hour and our new Whites / Blacks filter plus several others are an aerial photographer’s “secret weapon” for stunning images!

New "Aerial Presets". Finding inspiration and being able to see a live update on your image while scrolling through a vast array of creative Presets is one of the big benefits to using Luminar. We take away the confusion of complicated menus, sub-menus and tools that don’t make sense and instead, bring you a beautiful selection of Aerial Presets inspired by DJI aerial photographers.

New "Whites & Blacks" filter. Let’s face it. How many times have you shot an aerial image and you needed to either increase or decrease the whites in the clouds in the sky, or fine-tune the blacks in the shadows?

This new filter easily sets the white and black points of the histogram so that you can either compress or stretch the tones in your image.

Besides the new features we have added to Luminar for aerial photographers, there are plenty of other filters and tools to help fix and enhance your aerial images. These include being able to reduce noise, cropping to create a better composition, and adding Split Color Warmth or the Orton Effect to enhance sunsets and landscapes (to name just a few).

Luminar takes complicated post-processing work and makes enhancing photos simple, easy and fun, all while offering creative inspiration through presets and unique filter effects.

We've partnered with some of our favorite aerial photographers and asked them to make some great drone photos with the new version of Luminar. Check them out! We think you’ll be as impressed and inspired as we are.


Luminar version 1.2.1 is another FREE update for all current Mac OS users. We are also currently working on a Windows version which will be out before the end of the year and will include these new features. If you currently own another Macphun product, you can buy Luminar with a discount for only $59.

For photographers that have an existing workflow utilizing Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, or Apple Photos, Luminar runs as a plug-in as well as a standalone. Additional product details and free trial software is available at

Laurie Rubin, award-winning photographer specializing in wildlife and nature photography

Her career includes working for some of the most recognized photo software companies in the world as an Education Manager and Mentor. Her work has been displayed in the Smithsonian and published in books and magazines. Besides her love for wildlife and zoo photography, she is also a licensed drone pilot who enjoys photographing the world from above.

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