Professional Photoshop Plugins

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful applications for processing images. It is popular and robust. Beginners and experts in photography can find necessary tools and controls. How’s that possible? The answer lays on the surface. Photoshop is compatible with third-party plugins that expand its default features. They give you easy one-click possibility to enhance your pictures.

Why choosing Photoshop Plugins for Photography?

Adobe Photoshop can make your dreams come true, but sometimes it takes much time before you even start using it. Reading and watching tutorials take much time while plugins save time and efforts. Here are a few reasons why it’s better to use photography plugins:

  • Remove digital noise

Most of photos have digital noise. Randomly colored pixels are clearly visible when you zoom your photo on your Mac or when you print it. It’s quite difficult to remove it manually with default Photoshop tools, as well as popular Photoshop alternatives. So the denoising plugin is essential. After you select it in the “Filter” drop menu, you get the job done in a moment.

  • Erase unwanted elements

You just move your mouse and highlight what’s unnecessary. It’s a professional Photoshop plugin with a proprietary processing engine and easy-to-use controls. You can also heal some skin defects or any other drawbacks with the help of “Retouch” mode.

  • Adjust lens and blur effects

Presets make editing enjoyable and playful. Their names speak for themselves: architecture, nature, portrait, macro and tilt-shift. But you can select any of them for any of your photos if you think it suits best. A custom preset lets you do the magic. You highlight those parts of the picture you want to focus on and move your mouse aside.

  • Add vibrancy to your photos

If you want to change your photo in one click, go to Filters. You can enhance any detail of your image by selecting one of presets that are divided into seven categories: architecture, black and white, creative, detail enhancement, image tune, landscape and soft. They change colors, contrast, sharpness, shadows, highlights and much more.

  • Turn images to B&W

Black and white photography is always more impressive. You get a b&w picture right after you click on the plugin. You can adjust the effects manually or let the presets do the job for you. You can turn black shadows into distinct dark gray shapes or vice versa. You can add more expression or style. Unlimited artistic freedom.

  • Fix photos in one click

You can adjust or enhance photo's color, shape, sharpness and much more. Or if you want to change something, but you do not know what exactly. Click on a dice to adjust a random preset, frame or effect. There are more than 200 of them, you will have a real fun playing and manipulating.

What are the Best Photography Plugins for Photoshop?

Noiseless CK
It’s one of the best professional plugins for Photoshop to make the photo look natural and smooth. It removes randomly colored pixels and saves the original sharpness.

best professional plugin for Photoshop

Tonality CK
It turns pictures into black and white after you launch it. Presets and manual controls change color temperature and tone, enhance structure and details.Turn pictures into black and white

Focus CK
Concentrate on essential. Five presets are with adjustable lens and blur filters. A custom preset is perfect for expressing personal creativity.

Adjustable lens and blur filters

FX Photo CK
Explore one-click editing solutions with over 200 effects, frames and presets. The dice selects a random preset.

Over 200 effects, frames and presets

Intensify CK
It turns dull colors into rich and juicy. Seven groups of presets do the job for you, but you control the strength for the best result.

Turn dull colors into rich and juicy

Snapheal CK
It is one of the easiest Mac Photoshop plugins for removing unwanted elements and healing imperfections.

removing unwanted elements

How to Install the Best Photoshop Plugins for Mac?

The installation process is easy and fast. Take the steps below to discover one-click solutions.

Download and Installation:

  • Download Creative Kit or a single product
  • Install the application(s)
  • Launch the application(s)
  • In the upper left corner click on the name of the app
  • Click Install Plugins
  • Click Install near Photoshop
  • Click Done

Editing and Saving:

  • Launch Photoshop
  • File - Open - click on the photo - Open
  • Filter - Macphun Creative Kit - select the application
  • Do necessary adjustments
  • Click Apply

Best Photoshop plugins for photography give you proprietary processing features that you can adjust with only one click of your mouse. Add impressive effects, change colors, textures and make your photos look perfect with Creative Kit plugins.


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