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There are a lot of things we could ask of Apple regarding the Mac App Store and Mac apps in general. Three main points for Macphun have always been: an improved App Store rating policy, Mac app bundles (similar to iPhone app bundles) and photography editing extensions to Photos for Mac.

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It doesn’t look like app bundles are coming to the Mac App Store any time soon. But at least our 3rd dream — extensions for Photos for Mac — is now a reality. From now on, if you have El Capitan, you can use Intensify, Snapheal, Tonality and Noiseless as Photos extensions. Without extra exaggeration, these new features will turn your Photos into a photo editing powerhouse.

Check out a great training video by Joseph Linaschke on Photos and Macphun extensions.

Although Photos is not bad for hosting images, its editing capabilities are rather basic, especially when it comes to object removal, black and white processing, noise reduction and boosting up drama and details in your photos.

So, what's new?

Filters for Photos Extension

This application is versatile thanks to its technical features. And it's very easy-to-use thanks to its user-friendly design. Once you download the app, you will be able to enhance your photos in a blink of an eye.

  • Many filters that you can adjust with one click
  • A slidebar for changing the contrast and filter overlay
  • An option to get more filters for free
  • Masking tool for customized photo editing

So click to download a free  Filters for Photos now.

Tonality extension

Tonality is hands down the most advanced black and white photo editor in the world. So it's really hard to expect Photos or any other software to compete with it in terms of features and speed. These are just a few of the features you'll be able to use in Photos while running the Tonality extension:

  • Dozens of presets by pro photographers for one-click impressive looks: from vintage to HDR
  • Native 16-bit RAW processing
  • Layers, selective editing brush, histogram
  • Authentic film effects, grain, lens effects, textures and frames
  • Powerful controls for clarity, structure, split toning and more
  • If you don't have Tonality yet, get it on the  Mac App Store for a special price. 

Noiseless extension

As you will see from the video below, native noise reduction in Photos didn't really work work for us. With the Noiseless extension, Photos now contains the most powerful and fast noise reduction software for Mac.

  • Automatic noise recognition and reduction. You may not even need to do anything
  • Multiple pre-configured presets for different amount of noise and all kinds of photos
  • Additional tools to fine-tune details and structure after noise reduction
  • A special algorithm for your iPhone (smartphone) and action camera photos

Snapheal extension

There is a healing tool in Photos, plus a clone & stamp tool, so you should be fine for basic improvements. But what if you need to remove many objects at the same time? What if you're not getting the result you want with a native tool? If this happens, you launch the Snapheal extension.

  • Multiple erasing modes, developed for different types of photos and different tasks.
  • Custom spot healing precision.
  • One of the fastest object removal algorithms in the world.
  • Various tools to select the object to remove: from a classic brush to lasso.
  • If you don't have Snapheal yet, get it on the Mac App Store for the special price. 

Intensify extension

We are big fans of the Definition slider in Photos for Mac. It will boost the colors on your photo and bring up some details. But it's not even close to the powerful capabilities found in Intensify. Running the Intensify extension with Photos will give you access to a variety of great features. Here are some of them:

  • Over 60 one-click presets give you the look you want in seconds: from quick dark photo fixes to HDR
  • Macphun's proprietary tools to enhance pro contrast, improve details and structure selectively based on tonal range
  • Layers, a custom brush for selective editing, histogram, vignette
  • Smart sharpening that doesn't leave halos or create noise
  • If you don't have Intensify yet, get it on the  Mac App Store for the special price


As you will see from the videos below, all 4 Macphun products will add extreme photo editing powers to Photos. Apple’s app will finally get close to Aperture or Lightroom with its editing capabilities, letting you finally use it for enhancing photos, not just storing and browsing them. 

Create epic black and white photos with Tonality. 

Reveal the hidden beauty of your photos with Intensify. 

Make your noisy photos look their best with Noiseless. 

Happy editing!

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