Clone Stamp Tool

Clone Stamp in Luminar is a very powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use this feature to easily duplicate objects, remove objects, retouch skin on portraits and much more. Using Clone Stamp may seem hard, but in Luminar for Mac it is extremely simple and even fun.

How to use
Clone Stamp tool

When using Luminar click the Clone Stamp icon on the right tool panel. You can adjust the size, softness and opacity of the brush for the best results. To use the Clone Stamp tool, you should first select a source point on the photo you want to take as a sample. To do so, simply move the pointer to the necessary part, while holding the “Option” button on the keyboard. Click on the area you want to clone and release the “Option” button.

Now paint over another part of the photo and you’ll see how the brush pastes (stamps) and click and paint over another area. As you paint, you’ll be able to preview which area of the image is being cloned. If you’re happy with the result, click Apply or click Undo/Cancel to reset the changes.

Launch Luminar and click on Clone Stamp tool.

Hold “Option” and select the image area to clone.

Paint over another area to duplicate the content from the cloned area.

Step 1Step 2Step 3

unwanted objects

Clone Stamp Tools can be used for a variety of image editing purposes, including for the purpose of erasing objects from your photo. Luminar offers you two ways to remove objects & people from your images: Erasing Brush and Clone & Stamp Tool. Both tools are good for different tasks.

Removing objects with in Luminar is as easy as adding them. First select the area you want to copy pixels from and then paint over the object you want to remove. With Clone & Stamp tool you can get rid of skin imperfects, blemishes; extra objects that have gotten into your image. You can even erase wrinkles on portraits and scratches on the scanned photos.


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