Resize Image

Luminar is the powerful photo software that makes it easy to resize and optimize your images. You’ll resize a picture in less than a minute without losing the quality of the image.

An easy way to resize
Your photos in Luminar

Upload your image in Luminar - the software supports Raw, JPEG, PNG and many other formats. When you’re done editing (or even without editing) click “Shift-Command-E” to launch the Export menu. You will get an option to sharpen and/or resize the image.

You can choose from several modes (original, long edge, short edge) or set your own size for your images. After that, click Save - your photo will be saved in the new size with the optimized quality.

Resize ALL
your photos at once

Luminar brings you powerful and fast batch processing mode that allows you to transform, optimize, sharpen and enhance dozens of images at the same time.

Simply choose the Batch processing when using Luminar, pick the necessary parameters and start resizing your images. Or perform other editing operation — everything is easy and fast with Luminar.

More photo editing power
At your fingertips

Adaptive UI



RAW support



Photo filters


B&W processing


Object removal

Color toning

Touch Bar

Plug-in & Extension

Brightness & Contrast

Luminosity Masks


Details Enhancement


300 more tools & features...

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The world’s first photo editor
that adapts to the way you edit photos

Luminar advantage

Luminar makes your photos more beautiful, vivid and sharp. It is the next generation photo software that is adapts to your skill level and photography style.

Color splash

The Color Splash technique allows you to create dramatic photos with selective colors. Turn your photo into grayscale, and keep the color of certain objects.

Crop Photo

Want to crop your photo? Luminar for Mac brings the best tool to crop your images. Use custom crop modes and pick the ratio you need to get necessary results.

Photo Restoration

The days of looking up photo restoration in the yellow pages are over — now, with Luminar you can take photo restoration easily into your own hands.

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